Conversation between Dr. Simone Kraft ( and Vanja Vukovic about the work "eat your words":

S.K.: What topics, stories interest you here? And why are they staged in urban space and not in a studio, for instance?

V. V.: Because it is my living environment. I love urbanity, the dynamic, the exchange, the pace, the cultural currents and context that clash at the central station where I have my studio. Urbanity is my environment – without being naive. Of course I also see the dead ends of city planning, the drift and the erosion, and ultimately also the gentrification. The classic Hollywood movies of the 1930s were all completely shot in studios, even if adequate real scenarios were available all around. They used imitations of reality made of papier mâché and Styrofoam. I do it the other way round. I only work outdoors, if possible, I take urban space and turn it into an artistic fake, sometimes with a bit of effort. (Laughs.)

I generally archive all ideas in a sketchbook. 95 percent of them never materialize, but some things do. A scene that I observed in a bar one evening. The bad feeling that I get concerning certain political tendencies. But also the struggle with yourself that lasts your entire life. I see and work based on my own experience and socialisation. Sometimes I would like to swap with someone, reinvent the person who I am, but that is very hard. “Art” always entails a little self-liberation – in the sense of: each project lets you act out another facet of your self.


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